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      Chinese subtitles

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    wall As he walked up and down that part of the courtyard which

    them walking in the garden where the peaches were, and I

    taking charge of Mr Barkis’s will, and expounding its contents

    landing to wait for the answer, and went into my chambers again,


    have no doubt it will be a girl I have a presentiment that it must

    pressing My papa lived to bail Mr Micawber several times, and

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    ridiculous persons in the world,’ returned her mother, ‘and

    romantic life for ages, to a bawling, splashing, link-lighted,

    discovered to be speechless Giving him private directions to seek

    shadowy picture of his footsteps, in the garden that I dreamed of

    ‘I don’t know!—You mustn’t marry more than one person at a

    swore a dreadful oath that he would be ‘Gormed’ if he didn’t cut

    hand on each of my shoulders, as he had done in my own room

    found a vent in her gaunt eyes

    me, on remunerative terms, and address, post-paid, to W M, Post

    meditative manner that my way of life engendered, when, turning

    of having any today The milkman, after shaking his head at her

    in his head—he had naturally a short throat, and I do seriously

    cleverer fellow than most of us, Daisy, if you can do that’

    hardly breath enough to cry for the loss of my box and half-guinea

    hand when wanted, and never near when not wanted; but his

    hearts to him in a moment


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